About Us


Who are we? We're a simple car audio that just wants the Power in your hands.

First established in 2008 as an entry level car audio accessory company, Shok Industries first stormed into the competition arena in 2009, winning the DB Drag Street A with our first generation of Competition 5200 series.

After which, we slowly established ourselves as a boutique and unique car audio brand.

Why Boutique and Unique? Well, before introducing new products, we always made it a point to know and understand more about where our products and their manufacturing processes.

Only when the products are made to our standards then are they introduced to the public. All our factory videos are online and we try our best to share with our consumers who and what we are all about.

What are we know for?

1) The first and only company till date to have a CCA ( copper coated aluminium wire) in a 180dB car

2) A company that truly shares its knowledge with the end consumer, ensuring consumers know what they are getting.

What are we NOT best known for

1) Being cheap/ bang for buck/ affordable, or whatever you want to call it.

Why are we not cheap?

a) We know exactly what goes into our products. We absolutely do not go for the cheapest method, instead, we go for the best in our products.

We know exactly what goes behind in the manufacturing scene and we make sure only the best go into our product

b) For years, especially in the US, there has been a " race to zero" on all car audio products.

We do not wish to be apart of this and chose to standby our retailers and keep the industry going


So in all, if you want a company that stands behind its products because it knows where it comes from, Shok is for you.

If you just want " the cheapest bang for the buck", please visit your local flea market or favourite online ebay store :)

At Shok, we make sure you FEEEL THE POWWWAAAAA!