Here at Shok, over the years, we've openly filmed and shown our consumers how our products are manufactured.

Educating consumers on our manufacturing process, we believe in being honest and open to our consumers. If our product is made in China, we tell you its made in China.

If its made in Korea, we tell you its made in Korea.

We do not hide behind any particular American/ European/ Scandinavian Image. We tell it as it is as we truly believe, honesty is the best policy. 

Shok Industries Competition 5250 1/0 awg Production process

Filmed in 2010, this was our first production video explaining to customers how power cables are made. Shot with a Low Res camera, you'll see over the years how we've improved our videos


Amplifier Production.

We have a video shot in Korea on how our amplifiers are actually produced

Sadly, other companies filed numerous complaints with the factory. Some of these companies preferred to give their customers the " European/ Scandinavian built" image, As such, out of respect to our suppliers,  we have been forced to remove the video.

If you are lucky, you will be able to find the video on a mirror site.

Korean Factory

 Shok  Wire Strand factory

 An industry first, we are the first and only company so far to clearly explain and document how real Copper Coated Aluminium Strands are produced. Yes, we all agree that copper is the best, but as with every business, there is a need to cater to the mass market which is price sensitive.

As such with Shok Industries, we are famed for pushing our CCA wires to the limit. And now, we are here to share with everyone, how our CCA strands are manufactured. We can assure you, even other factory suppliers have no idea how their own strands are made, let alone the car audio company themselve.

Production process is explained and we do not sugar coat anything. We explain it as it is :)



 Shok Reference Pro 5285 being pushed to the limit

Shok Industries till date, is the only company to have its power cables 180dB certified.
Pushed to the extreme limits, our CCA cables have held up in the highest level of competition: The Extreme class :) Ran by Team Hal in his world record volvo, this is just merely our mid level cable :) 

See for yourself :) 

Production of our Flag Ship Competition XXTreme 4/0 Awg Series

Always pushing the limit, we strive to get the most awesome car audio wire in the market.

Honestly, we have not used a welding machine nor do we care how a welding machine works nor application of welding wire.

Just like dish washing liquid cleans plates and have the capability of cleaning your body, would you use dish washing liquid in the show? I'm sure it does the same job of keeping the surface it washes sqeeky clean.

For our top of the line Competition Xtreme and XXTreme and soon to be Team Shok wire, we looked to a home hi-fi cable manufacturer whereby all their products were purpose built for the home audiophile community.

We were amused by the ignorant masses who would compare our SGS Certified copper to cheap ebay market and at worse, compare " 2 runs of 1/0 awg " could blow our wire out of the water, when our 4/0 awg wire effectively had more surface are than 2 runs of 1/0 awg wire :)


The " Silver Tinned" and " Silver Myth"

Now this has to take the cake in the car audio industry.

The word " Silver Tinned" is often used to explain why a cable strand has a silver appearance. Often, depending on application, tin is added to a copper cable to give it protection against the elements. Tin in itself has a silver colour.

Many people often mistake this silver colour as " real silver " in their cables and go on a bragging spree.

We have been to numerous factories and only the high end home hi-fi factories have access to silver plated strands. And often, silver is plated only to copper strands for increased conductivity for audiophile application.

What is totally amusing to us is when an European Company claims to have real Silver ( even though we know where his products are made) in his CCA strands, giving it OFC super powers :)

Well for Shok, we produce SGS Certification to show that our FWSCC line utilized silver plated strands :)

Anyway, enjoy the video whereby we explain and show you the 2 strands: 
Silver plated strands 


tinned coated strands which have a silver appearance


Visit to a Home Hi Fi Shop

Audio is a universal language, be it car audio or home audio or professional audio, everyone speaks a common language : Audio

We visited a high end home audio setup to ask them more about their application of power cords :)




 And now we move onto our woofer line up

First, we bring you to a major woofer part supplier in China. This is a major supplier of parts to 90% of all car audio brands in the world.

We bring you on a first ever tour of the factory.


Casting of woofer baskets

Ever Wonder how your woofer baskets are cast? Now we show you how they are made:. Also in this video, we have the special honor of having Sidney " Rob" Woolcot, Aka Thor's hammer with us in China.



Lastly, just some behind the scenes at our woofer factory:



Lastly, under our distribution arm, we have had the distinct pleasure of visiting factories of the brands we distribute as well

We had the opportunity to visit GIP Audio, in Thailand. A pro audio manufacturer who does 90% of all production in house, from cone productions to milling of back plates, it was an eye opener