FLO Speaker Set

FLO Speaker Set

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The FLO Series Set of speakers is the first of Shok Industries venture into the Audiophile world.

Moving away from the conventional world of Dome tweeters + 6.5" mid bass, we revived an old project from 2008 whereby we were testing out full range prototypes that were capable of  playing up to 20khz easily on a 3" platform.

With the development of Digital Signal Processors in the 12v market now, this project has been made feasible as the FLO Speaker set does not perform well when ran on a passive setup.

The FLO 3.0 Full range speaker, capable of going as low as 170hz and as hits 20khz with ease, this 3" driver will handle your highs and mids perfectly.

The first of many full range drivers to come from Shok, we aim to have a speaker that will allow users to remain on a  2 way active setup and be able to achieve the performance of a 3 way setup.

Sporting a neodymium motor structure  and a specially selected Aluminium cone, the FLO 3.0 is the first of many full range drivers to come from Shok Industries. 


FLO 3.0 Full Range Driver

Size: 3"
Impedence: 8 ohms

Sensitivity ( 1W/M):83.6

Frequency Response: 70hz to 20,000hz

Qts: 0.468

Qes: 0.652







Power Handling: 50W


FLO 6.5 Mid Bass:

Size: 6.5"


Impedence: 8 ohms

Sensitivity ( 1W/M):87.3

Frequency Response: 40hz to 4000hz

Qts: 0.397

Qes: 0.452



Mmd: 13.955

Vas: 16.5L

Sd: 119 cm^2


Power Handling: 75W