Abyss Car Audio is back!

Founded in 2000 specialising in only the highest grade of audiophile equipment, Abyss was always the choice of hardcore audiophiles who wanted to bring their home hi fi experience into their car.

Abyss reigned thoughout the hardcore audiophiles as the pinnacle of audiophile grade amplifiers world wide. Though often confused with " other brands" which claimed a western heritage, Abyss rose above all speculations when it was able to further introduce more extreme amplifiers into the market! 

Unfortunately, Abyss Car Audio seized operations in 2011 due to unforseen circumstances.

Come 2015, Abyss was restarted in Korea by local Korean enthusiasts who wanted to bring back the audiophile legend. 

With all the original designs on hand, Abyss was reborn in 2015, with the introduction of the MFA Series into the market.

 Abyss amplifiers are still built in Korea, right in the same assembly line that rolled out the original amplifiers. 

Though audiophile technology has come a long way, but an Abyss amplifier, will always be an Abyss amplifier: Timeless.

Now its time for the new generation of audiophiles to see what Abyss is all about.

Abyss car audio is now distributed by Shok Industries world wide ( except for China, Taiwan and Hong Kong).