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After some time away from the cable scene, we at Shok are now proud the announce, the new

Team Shok 8/0 AWG power cable

Yes you heard me correctly, 8/0 AWG. But wait, before you go blasting us about there “ not being an 8 AWG” category, read till the end to see our FAQ on this cable. But first,

The new Team Shok 8/0 AWG Power Cable.
Conductor Area: 183.5mm2
Strand Count: 16,226
Stand size: 0.12mm
Strand material : Oxygen Free Copper.

What makes this “ certified”? like our previous competition Xtreme and XXTreme cables, we have sent the raw strands for certification to ensure that only the best goes into our flagship lines of cables.

Current capacity: 1000A at 20ft ( conservative)
Cable Weight ( excluding spool): 80lbs ( 50 ft)
Cable weight per ft : 1.6 lbs / ft OR 2.362 kg/ meter OR 1600LBS/ MFT
Cable OD: 28mm


Now for the FAQ: ( please note, some math knowledge needed and adult references will be used, look away if easily offended)

1) Why the hell should I buy this? I’ll just go welding cable:
- No problems man! We have not really bothered looking into welding cables, but hey, if you support welding companies, go ahead We do out best to support the car audio industry and we hope our customers will support us too. We respect your decision to go with welding cables ( Tristar, EB etc). Please respect our product and brand .

2) Nahh man, 2 runs of REAL 1/0 awg will blow this out of the water anyday, hell, 3 runs even more!

- Stated above, we’ve stated clearly the specifications of our cable. We use 0.12mm conductors and have a strand count of 16,226 strands. This will give you an overall conductive area of 183.5mm2.
TRUE 1/0 awg as used by big boys like Kicker, JL, RF use a 4704 strand count ( 0.12mm conductors as well) , giving a 53.2mm2 conductor area. Stinger HPM uses a 4214 strand ( 0.12mm strands, ) giving a 47.7mm2.

So effectively, in 1 run of the Team Shok 8/0 Awg, we have
A) 3.45 times the amount of conductor area than true mainstream 1/0 awg ( RF/ Kicker/ JL)
B) 3.85 times the amount of conductor area than stinger HPM ( really popular )

3) Now wait a minute, there is no such thing as 8/0 AWG, you just pulled this out your ass!
- Yes it is true, there is no such thing as 8/0 AWG on the AWG chart. The correct reference to be used for this cable is 183.5mm2 OR aroun 370MCM.

But here’s the problem: People using the Imperial measuring system will be confused over the mm2 measurement and MCM measurement is rarely used in car audio. So we just adopted the 8 /0 awg measurement to make things easier, but we still use the 183.5mm2 for our overseas markets who use metric measurments

4) No Dawg, your cable cant be that big man.
We don’t know how else to convince you, so we’ll just want you to know,
50ft of 8/0 awg weights 80lbs
Per ft is estimated at 1.6lbs
per 1000ft ( MFT) is 1600lbs ( some people look at 1000ft measurements)
That’s how much copper we use in this cable.
Side note, the Shok 4/0 awg xxtreme power cable was 48lbs per 50 ft spool.

5) Yo man, lets see some physical pictures, I’ve seen other brands being massive and people using OD ( outer diameter) as a form of measurement to gauge power cable

- OD of the cable and OD of the conductor gives you a rough visual idea of the cable size. You can use calipers to measure it. But at the end of the day, strand count with conductor diameter will give you the actual conductor area ( which you can then match to the awg chart).

- We’ve given as much info as we can to give the consumer a clear idea of what is in our cable.

- If you insist OD of the cable is what matters most, it would be the same as saying a person with a 10” dick has a higher fertility rate than a person with a 7” dick without taking both their sperm count into consideration. Putting it plainly, if your aim is to get your girl knocked up, how big a dick wont matter. Its how much and how strong your swimmers are.

6) Yo Dawg, this stuff gonna be expensive.
What did you expect? $99 shipped for 80lbs of copper? I would buy this stuff from you if it were that cheap.
Now look at it this way: we are here to provide the best product for people with power hungry systems. If people spend $5k on batteries, $10k on amplifiers, another 2k on alternators, hey, go with the best cable support Again, some may differ and we respect your decision

But look at it this way, lets talk mainstream power cable brands ( Rf/ kicker/ JL/ stinger) that you can find online.

Per ft of 8/0 has 3.45times the amount of conductive area than true 1/0 awg specification. If you do the math price wise, u’ll be surprised Again, only car audio cables whereby specification is clearly stated.

7) Yo dawg, honestly, who the hell wants this cable and what were you thinking when you made this?

When we made this ( we had this in plans for 2 years), the factory had to confirm if their machine gears had enough torque to pull this cable during the extrusion process. We shelved it for a bit and just decided to go ahead with it this year.

Ultimately, this cable is for people who want to go nuts with power OR for people who have too many runs from front to back and would like to be able to have 1 or 2 runs, making things easier for them during installation.

8) Yo man, you have lugs for these?
Yes we do
How about amp inputs?
We are working on it as well.

We thank you for your time and we look forward to bringing more POWAA soon