Vivaldi V8

Vivaldi V8

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The Vivaldi V8 Amplifier.

RMS Power Ratings:
13.8V (4 ohm): 4 x 95w
13.8V (2 ohm): 4 x 170w
13.8V (4 ohm) 2 x 320w ( Bridged)
13.8V ( 2 ohm) 2 x 500w ( Bridged)
Freq Response: 20hz to 20khz
Dims ( mm): 360x208x55
Weight: 4.1kg
  • Utilizes paired 100W Toshiba high power transistors per output channel
  • Oversized transformers ,high power MOS-FETs and high capacity Japanese build Nichicon low impedence filter capacitors  allow for smooth and fast transient response with abundant power headroom.
  • Low distortion amplification circuitry which includes:

          -German made  Low Loss MCAP-MKP Capacitors

         -Burr- Brown OPA2134PA OPAMP

 Rigid double layer Epoxide Glass Fibre circuit Board

  • Low Loss Gold Plated RCA input and output power connections
  • Constant variable convertors for high/ low pass filters
  • Stout Protection circuitry against short circuits, overheating and voltage surges